One of my favorite things to do as an illustrator, is to provide my services at live events. Not only do I get to interact with clients, but it's also a great way to challenge yourself as an artist, because believe me, creating an illustration within a 3-5 minute timespan with your client watching you every step of the way,  is definitely challenging! 

For Nina MUA's Makeup Studio's Grand Opening on Jan 30th, I created a custom photo-incorporated  template of a funky lipstick smear, the company logo and the company's social media tag. I provided guest with a bespoke illustrations of the makeup they had done by the pro makeup artists during the event with the help of my iPad Pro. The beauty of working on iPad is that it both speeds things up when illustrating, and also makes it easy to share with clients instantly, so they can post on their social media right away. 

All my love,