How adorable is this brand, seriously? British My 1st Years specializes in creating personalized items for tiny tots! It's become so popular in fact, that even the British Royal family has taken a liking to this youngster brand.  That's right, little Prince George loves his M1Y bathrobe! A brand  fit for a Prince, literally.


As part of their USA expansion, My 1st Years, alongside Autumn Communications, created a one-of-a-kind launch event, hosted at none other that one of NYC staples: The Little Owl. The cosy venue offered the perfect setting for industry insiders to get a first taste of the British brand, with a delicious luncheon hosted amid a sea of fresh flowers, adorable product samples, and of course - personalized illustrations for all, provided by yours truly!



As part of this project, I created a customized template that would match the brand's aesthetic, while also remaining appealing to a more mature audience. We ended up with a minimalist, ink-drawn airplane (which was then later translated in big-scale form, exhibited at the venue [see pic below]), alongside a custom hand-written hashtag (#madewithlove) created especially for the event, as well as their IG tab to incentivize social sharing. This template was then printed on A4 watercolor paper in advance, to be used on the big day.


We decided to go with portraits rather then full body pictures on the day or the press event. While attendees were able to enjoy cocktails, light bites, and  fun conversation before sitting down for the luncheon, they also had a chance to stop by the live illustration stand and have their looks translation into fashion illustration form. Since this brand focuses on babies and tots in particular, some guests requested to draw a portrait of their little ones based on pics, instead - so cute! Since each illustration didn't take longer than 3-5 minutes each, everyone was able to receive their custom illustration, providing just that little something extra to take home at the end of the event!

With love,


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